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Top 5 (Surprisingly) Good Games for Couples


Video games is one of this era’s favourite past times. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends – there’s tons of games and gaming consoles to choose from. Some you may find more enjoyable than others, or teasingly bicker with your friends about which is the best. For me, personally, I’m an XBox person. However I do dabble in PC gaming.

For my boyfriend and me, video games are a fun way to relax and have couple time. Although finding games that we both like is difficult. Though I suppose it’s the same when it comes to restaurants and movies for other couples.  Over our year and some months together, Thomas (my boyfriend) and I have played a lot of games. He got me more into gaming then ever! – Since he gave me his old XBox when he got his One S.

While not all of the games that the two of us have played together are good for couples. I have found that there are quite a few (surprising) ones that are! I thought I would share those with you today! Whether you’re a gaming person, or your significant other is, I suggest giving these games a go!


1. BattleBlock Theater (XBox)


BattleBlock Theater was one of the first games Thomas and I ever played together! It’s a cute, hilarious platforming RPG with lots of quirks and puzzles. You can customize your character to be all sorts of shapes and sizes with lots of cool powers! We usually enjoy blowing each other up, and shoving the other off of cliffs!

I would also suggest giving Pit People and Castle Crashers a play! They’re by the same guys who made BattleBlock!


2. Snipper Clips (Nintendo Switch)


Snipper Clips is a game that came out with the Nintendo Switch. It’s an adorably frustrating puzzle game. As little bits of paper, you must snip each other into the correct shape to finish the level. But don’t be deceived, it’s not as easy as it looks!


3. Super Bomberman R (Nintendo Switch)


Super Bomberman R is another game that came out with the Switch. It’s a newer incarnation of the Bomberman games. In this, you’re saving the solar system from disaster! It may not seem like a couple-ly game, but – trust me – it makes alone time interesting! Between stealing power-ups, and blasting each other off the map – it’s loads of fun!


4. Diablo III (XBox)


Diablo III is probably the most bizarre one on the list. But I cannot express the fun Thomas and I had playing this together! Looking up the best builds, leveling up characters, collecting pets, upgrading armor, and hunting down treasure goblins! This game is loads of fun, and definitely worth giving a looksy next time you’re wanting to play something together!


5. Moon Hunters (XBox)


Moon Hunters is a game that Thomas and I stumbled onto accidentally. I was wondering what it was, he took a liking to it before I did. In the game, your choices change your ending as you fill the night sky with constellations. It’s so cool! There’s so much to do and explore! Any fans of the Yawhg will love Moon Hunters!


Although Thomas and I have problems agreeing on games at times, his handful are the ones that have stuck with me! Maybe some of my picks were a little bizarre, but these are the games that I’ve found to be the most fun playing alongside your partner! And maybe you’ve played the ones I’ve listed, but don’t find them enjoyable. – That’s okay! There’s loads of fun games out there for everyone!

What do you like to do during bonding time with your significant other?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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