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The Top 5 Secrets to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution!

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it’s January again. We’re in the post-holiday slump, where all you do is eat leftovers and clean house. But now is also the time when people make resolutions, things they want to do in the new year. Whether the resolution is to start eating healthier or exercising more or going out on dates – everybody has things they want to do this year. Very rarely, though, do those ever get done.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

Not this year.



This year, you’re going to write those blog posts, ride that bike the extra mile, be that outgoing person. This is the year of change. I can feel it – good things are riding on the winter winds this January (if it’s winter where you are)! So keep your head up and settle in. I got a feeling that this year is going to be a wild ride!

Now you know as well as I do, that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to! But sometimes you can feel a little lost in where to start. Or maybe you just need a little push to get started. Not to fret though – I’m here to share five secrets to keeping your resolution this year! Five things that you can start today that will can help shape your year in your favour!

Set Goals

Don’t make resolutions. Resolutions are like dreams, they don’t have plans. But setting goals can help you laser focus in on what you want. Make sure to give yourself milestones to celebrate along the way. They’ll help you track your progress, and make the larger tasks seem less daunting. Set small daily, weekly or monthly goals that will help lead to when you want the larger goals. 

Set Deadlines & Hold Yourself Accountable

Along with setting goals, giving yourself deadlines for these can be the push you need. Setting a spot for your end goal, along with all the little milestones, it’ll give you tangible dates. Setting deadlines can also offer a place to start with if you’re unsure. While telling people about your goals and ambitions will make you hold yourself accountable. Holding yourself accountable can help make you actionable. Stick to your word, and don’t flake on yourself in the last moment! Plan ahead to keep your word, and meet those deadlines!

Make Habits

Part of getting to those goals, is making habits. Set that alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier every few days. Maybe you start eating vegetarian once a week. Set aside an hour everyday to work on your blog. If you want to lose those fifteen pounds by June, make the habit to get you there; get up earlier, set aside some time to exercise, eat less junk food. So don’t just set goals, don’t just make deadlines – start the habits that will get you there!

Get Organized

Getting organized this year will be a huge asset to your resolutions. Whether organizing and prioritizing your schedule to do first things first – no procrastinating! – Or you’re organizing your work space so that you can be more productive. Start keeping a planner or a bullet journal! Adding a little more organization can make the world of difference. 


Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is the most important part of keeping your resolution. If you doubt yourself from the beginning, then you’re never going to be able to do it. But if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything! So try and keep a positive mindset while working on your goals! Maybe you get an app that will hit you with positivity and motivation every morning. Maybe you start practicing mindfulness, or recite a positive mantra every morning in the mirror.  Whatever gets you believing in yourself!


Some goals can be started right away, while others may take time. Don’t worry about how long it takes, as long as you’re happy with where you’re going. Make the new year yours, and don’t let anybody tell you it can’t be! If you want, write yourself up a motto or a mission statement for the year. Then look back on it when you’re feeling a little lost. 

I’m practicing all of these myself, so I’m in the boat with you all! This year want to make my blog even better, and I want to go back to posting consistently. I want to go back to making videos. I’m working on my art, and I’m working on my store. I just want to enjoy what I do with my life. So I have big plans for this year!

I’m ready to make this year mine – are you?

Thanks for Reading!

– Amber

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How I Got My First 1000 Followers (in 4 months of starting)


I have been blogging for five months but I am, still by no means, an expert on it. What works for me, may not exactly work for you. And that’s fine. Everybody has different ways of doing things.

Still, to think think that more than a handful of people read my posts, is a totally crazy fact to me. When I started back in March, I never thought I would see a four digit follower number. It’s still totally baffling to me, and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the love and support. This really wouldn’t be possible without you all.

I wasn’t really sure what to do to celebrate the milestone. But it was suggested to me that I do this. – Share about how I got to this crazy number. Or do a blog party, which I have no idea how to do (I’ll look it up for future use). I still want to do something big and outlandish. Though, I suppose this is probably the most useful thing I can give you, haha!

To be honest, I feel like I almost need a re-introduction. It’s been a long ride from there to here. But that is another post.


When I first started Pastel Bottle Rocket, I was sufficiently a blogging newb. As I said in my YouTube video, I tried it a few times before. However, the blog just never worked for me. On the blog I ran before this, I wasn’t really serious with it. So I never really got anywhere.

When I started PBR up, I was afraid the same thing would happen. And I will admit, the first month and a half was a flop. I wasn’t exactly pushing in traffic. I was disappointed, to say the least. But it was something I enjoyed, and I knew I wanted to pursue it.


So, I pushed on.


My first mistake was that, I was kind of embarrassed to tell more than a handful of people I had a blog. I wasn’t sure how anyone would react, or if they’d only end up criticizing me in the end. But that first break out of the darkness helped. Putting my blog out there – on my personal Facebook page, the business page I had started for Pastel Bottle Rocket, and on Instagram really helped.

Posting to the social platforms I had been afraid to before, really brought in a new audience. I reached new people, more people. My family is even subscribed through email to my blog, and my mom has her own (which I’m urging her to use more). Having that support of friends and family is really great! You shouldn’t be embarrassed, at all, about your blog. Especially if it’s something you love to do!


The biggest change I made, though, was interacting with other bloggers.


I started following other bloggers on Instagram and Twitter. I joined Facebook groups for bloggers. I just put it out there that, “Hey! I’m here!!” It was crazy, the change in traffic once I began to do that.

I had read an article by a fellow blogger – one I can’t find now, or remember who it’s by, lol – about how they got their first thousand. They said that they took a little time out of every day to like, follow, and comment on others’ posts in their platform. Once I took up that, everything changed.

I mean, don’t just follow people willy-nilly. Find posts and blogs that interest you! There’s no point in following blogs that you’ll never read, or whose content you don’t like!

Connecting with others is the most important thing you can do to grow your blog. Be loud and proud about all the work you’re putting in!

After every post you’re going to want to make sure to promote it. Anywhere you can! However, advertising on a lot of sites doesn’t guarantee traffic. It’s all about the quality of your posts, and it’s good to engage with your readers.

I’ve been slacking on the advertising and engaging lately, and I have noticed a considerable difference!

(Also, if you’re wondering, yes! I did all of this on a free blog!)


I really hope this helps give some of you some insight and helps grow your blogs! I’ll leave some Facebook groups down below for you!

Boss Girl Bloggers

Blogger Insights

Blogging Loving

Blogging 101

Bridging Blogs

Lovely Bloggers



Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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How to Design Buttons!


Button badges come in all shapes and sizes. Every person who makes them, designs them in different ways. I’m no different when it comes to that. I haven’t gotten a chance to actually make any yet, but my punch will be coming in soon! Anyway – I’ve been using a template I got offline.


I found this diagram to help explain a little better.


  1. My button maker is 2.25″, so I found a template that size. I use MediBang Paint Pro to draw and design in. So I put the template into MediBang, and made it the size of my workspace.


2. I drew a grey circle where the 2.25″ face will be. I do that so I don’t design outside of the lines. Anyway, I always start with a solid background colour on a separate layer.


3. If I want a gradient type thing, I take a pale colour in the same colour family as my background and the watercolour brush on the same layer. I want the center to be the lightest, so I press harder here and blend as I go out.


4. On top of that, on a new layer, I do lineart of the design I want using the pen brush. Here, I’m making a Sailor Moon button.


5. The next thing I do, is the flat colours. Here, it’s only the gold of the tiara and the red of the gem.


6. Using the Airbrush tool, on the same layer as the flat colour, I choose a medium colour for the accents. After, on the same layer, I choose an even lighter colour for the highlights.


7. Lastly, I add in text! MediBang is a little hard to use for this, since the options for text are in Japanese. Along with the fact that it takes a second to give you a preview. But it works well enough!


And so we have a finished button!


I know it isn’t the best tutorial, it’s the first I’ve ever made. But that’s the basic gist of how I’ve been designing buttons!!

Check out my store HERE!

Thanks for Reading!


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