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10 Great Gifts for the Crafty Mama This Holiday Season!

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It seems like she has everything – every pair of scissors, every single pattern in the Simplicity catalog, every color ribbon you could ever dream of. What does one get the crafting mama who has everything?! Trust me – I’ve run into the same dilemma. You’re pacing through Walmart’s craft isle, trying to find the perfect gift – but nothing! Never fret though! Someone somewhere has the perfect gift for the crafting queen in your life! And in this gift guide I’m here to show you just a few things to get her this holiday season!


1. Singer Sewing Basket Kit

Sewing boxes no longer just come in white, fake, plastic wicker! There are hundreds of different styles for sewing boxes now a’days, in all sorts of sizes! Every crafty mama needs a sewing box just as rad and stylin’ as she is! So whether she’s into pink or black, there’s a sewing box for everyone!


2. Swingline Paper Trimmer

A straight edged paper cutter is something that almost every crafter needs. Whether you’re cutting scrapbook pages, hand making cards, or just making price tags for a craft show. There’s endless uses for paper cutters in the craft room!

3. Desktop Craft Organizer

Storage in the craft room is always an issue in my house, I don’t know about yours. But it doesn’t have to be! With this nifty desk organizer, your crafty mama will have plenty of space to put all of her glitter and bobbins and do-dads. Making plenty of room to get more!


4. Half Yard Heaven: Easy Sewing Projects Using Left-over Pieces of Fabric 

Left over fabric just seems like a waste, doesn’t it? But no more! With this cool book, you can make use of the left overs. There are lots of awesome projects bound within these pages. Any sewer would love this – no more wasted money on scraps you can’t use!


5. Fiskars 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters are a life saver. No more killing your wrist, trying to cut with scissors. (And I personally love Fiskars for any craft tools I need!) If your crafty mama sews a lot, and still uses scissors, definitely look into getting her this. She can use it on fabric, paper, felt, vinyl – anything really. Just don’t forget to get her a cutting mat to go with!

6.  DIY Bath Bomb Kit

After a hard day crafting, everybody needs a break. So why not relax with a bathbomb? And what’s better than making them yourself? As many as you want for way less than you’d pay from the store!

7. Super Crafty Mom T-Shirt

You can also take a different approach, and buy her clothes to show off her skills! Every crafty mama loving boasting about all the cool stuff they create! You can also show how proud you are of her!

8. Material Girl Canvas Tote Bag

Everybody loves a good crafting pun. Especially one related to an old song! Even if you don’t get it, mom probably will! Plus, she can take it on a trip to Joann’s!

9. “I Was Thinking About Crafting Again” Long Sleeve Shirt 

Isn’t crafting always on the mind? What project comes next? What do you need for this one?! Help mom let everyone know what’s going around her head!

10. Crafty Mom T-Shirt

With this simple ‘crafty mom’ design, any mom would love this! Something she can wear to a craft show, out to the store, or while she’s crafting – of course!


So in your quest to find that perfect gift for your crafty mama this year, make sure to check out some of these sweet things that she’s sure to love! From that one little tool to replace an old one, to a statement piece in her wardrobe announcing her love of crafting. There’s always a perfect gift for your crafter!

Thanks for reading!

~ Amber

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