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Summer 2017 Wishlist!


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Summer is a time meant for cute clothes, swimming in crystal clear pools, catching some rays at nice beaches, and eating cool ice cream on hot days. I’m struggling with the cute clothes part (and with the pool part, lol). Although I have a wishlist a mile long, but who doesn’t?! There are tons of cute clothes out there! As well as aesthetically pleasing ones.

Window shopping can be fun, but less than satisfying. Trying not to impulse buy, and squeeze every last penny out of your bank account is hard, at times. Maybe one day, you will own those cute jeans! But they are many work days away.

For now, I thought I’d share a little bit of my wishlist for this summer!

Ever summer needs a cute bathing suit, right? Something to be like, “Yeah, I’m cute. No, you can’t touch!” There are sooo many out there, I just want a wardrobe made only of bathing suits!


I’m a sucker for vintage looking bathing suits. Especially ones in black, white, or red. There’s just something about them. So this, Amourri Womens Retro Vintage Polka Underwire High Waisted Swimsuit Bathing Suits Bikini, fits the ticket!


Vintage bathing suits aren’t the only ones I like, though. I do like more modern ones as well. Like this Tempt Me Two Piece Women Flounce Ruched Crop High Waist Vintage Bikini Set!


Bathing suits aren’t the only summer must have though! Dress! Dress are nice in the summer. Nothing like having a nice pretty one, and feeling boho for a day! Summer dresses make summer complete!



I adore everything about this dress! The color, the style – everything! This R.Vivimos Women Summer Cotton Sexy Blackless Long Dresses is absolutely gorgeous! I just don’t know if I could pull it off, lol


This Angelady Women Sexy Off Shoulder Sleeve Flared Swing Party Skater Summer Dress is perfect for a day out with friends. Or a night out on a date! I love the style of the dress!


For me, skirts are another must have! Something thin, flowy, and comfortable tends to be the perfect ticket!


This HOTAPEI Womens Ethnic Print Maxi Skirt Wrapped Beach Cover up Dress is so pretty! I know it’s a beach wrap, but I would totally wear this as a skirt (although I’d probably swim in it, because I have short legs). Normally, I’m not one much for pink. But I love the feel of these colors!


I’m obsessed with maxi skirts for summer! There’s just a certain feel to them – something summer-y! I love this Afibi Women Chiffon Mopping Floor Length Big Hem Solid Beach High-Waist Maxi Skirt!

For every cute skirt, you need an equally cute top, right?


You can go for something nice and simple. Like this Hanes Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Top. This is easy to style with anything else in your wardrobe. Usually I go for versatile clothing like this. Easy going and comfortable!


You can also go for something a little more…decorated or fancy! Like this Women’s Fashion Halter Crop Top Custom Backless Hollow Out Tank Top Blouse! It’d be a little harder to style with other clothes. I’d have issues trying to find occasions to wear it, because it seems a little fancier than everyday wear. But maybe that’s just me, lol

And what’s summer without some nice pairs of shorts? I live for those tank top and shorts days. Nothing like the sun on your skin!


I think these Elegant4U Junior’s Ready for Spring Fling Printed Harem Shorts With Pockets are so cute! They look so thin and comfortable.


These Dreamskull Womens High Waist Frayed Hem Peony Embroidered Denim Shorts are also adorable! As well as easy to style!

Every summer outfit needs some nice sandals! Free the toes!!


I love these HANYI Women Ladies Summer Bohemia Round Toe Outdoor Sandals High Heels Shoes !


Or you could not wear any shoes, but make them think you are! With these Yoyorule Womens Beach Imitation Pearl Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry Anklet Chain! I love anklets and toe rings!

Lastly, don’t forget about some killer accessories to go with all this!


Like these adorable Polished Dolphin Hoop Earrings! (Even though they look like whales, lol) Nothing screams summer like some cute aquatic earrings!



Or this gorgeous amethyst rose ring! This seems like it’d be a perfect little accessory to spice up a summer outfit!

I love summer time the most, even though I was born in Autumn. I would love to have this wardrobe for this season. But I guess I’ll window shop for now!

What’s on your summer wishlist?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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5 Reasons “Howl’s Moving Castle” Should Be on Your Reading List


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I am a lover of books.

I’ve read books of all kinds, but I always return to fantasy. And I’ve found no book I love more than Diana Wynne Jones’ 1986, Howl’s Moving Castle. I watched the movie first, and then read the book – thank goodness, since I would have been disappointed – and fell in love with both! Even though the movie and the book are extremely different – but that’s another post.


I adore the book, and it will forever be at the top of my favourites list! Here’s my top five reasons it should be on yours too! – Or, at least on your reading list. 


First off –



The world. The world that Howl’s Moving Castle is set in is so cool and unique. With witches and wizards and royals. The world sucks you in, and let’s your imagination run wild! It maybe set in an alternate England and Wales, but the way it’s described is charming and will leave you wanting to climb right in!

Secondly –


The characters! Well, maybe the main reason you should read it is the characters. They’re all so charming and witty. Howl maybe arrogant, and somewhat annoying, at times. But Sophie attempts to get back at Howl for his messes and inconveniences will make it all worth it. And Michael and Calcifer and every other character you come across, are a pleasure to read! 


Next –


There’s a moving castle, duh! How many other books have you read, that you can say has a full castle roaming the hills?! How many people have a door that opens to multiple places?? Or a fire demon, who was once a shooting star and curses your bacon?! My guess – not very many!

Four –


The most obvious – the story itself! Centered around shy, meek Sophie Hatter as she sets out to seek her fortune! But runs into trouble along the way! I love her antics, and so will you! Howl’s Moving Castle is a delightful mix of charm, love, heart break, and magic!

And finally –


It’s just plain fun to read. I’ve read it multiple times, and it never ceases to make me smile! It’s the perfect book for anytime of year! Howl’s Moving Castle feels like a classic, and you’ll be left dying to read the sequels! – The Castle in the Air, and The House of Many Ways!


Howl’s Moving Castle will forever and always be my favourite book. And hope that you’ll love it just as much!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber


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Why I Do, What I Do


Today I wanted to talk about something a little different. A subject I don’t talk about much, but I probably should a lot more.


My business. – The namesake of this blog, Pastel Bottle Rocket.


Pastel Bottle Rocket is a pin and button business I’m trying to get off of the ground. I have an Etsy, and I’m trying to show it off on Facebook and Instagram. Or wherever I can find, really. Even if it’s hard for me to do. I feel like the niche is so tiny, unless you’re making enamel pins. But button badges and pins (like below) are hard to come across. And they’re cheaper to make!

(Click the pictures to go my Etsy store!)


IMG_20170316_103531_062 (1)




I don’t have $250 to spend on a 100 bulk of a pin design that I’m not sure is going to sell. Hence, all of my buttons are made to order. Fresh out of the printer, hand cut and put together by yours truly. It feels more personal that way. And while I haven’t been exactly drumming up business. – Just the one commission I wrote about last week.- making these things is a huge deal to me.


I love making buttons and pins.


I love getting to design them, and draw them, and put them together. There is nothing more satisfying to me, than to see them pop out of the button maker at the end. It’s so cool to watch and do the whole process for me!

But why buttons and pins? You may ask. That’s a good question. Why, of all crafts, those? I could be making purses, or drawing coloring books (an idea I’m still playing with). So why those? Why pins and buttons?




Because they’re cool. They tell stories. They express so much about a person. You can look at their collection, and see all of their interests laid out. All of the issues they identify with, can be on a button. Or displayed on a pin. A small, yet loud, way of saying, “Here I am world!”

It’s great to see people connecting over them. The joy they get from them. Ivy, the girl I made the buttons for, was so damn happy to get them. And I was overjoyed and honored to have been able to do for her what I did. I drew the characters she could really find, and did her own characters in my style. You get to know the person a little better, just by what they’re asking for.

It’s a great feeling, knowing that the person will cherish them. And that you’ve brought them some joy. I’ve gotten some buttons over the years, and I know exactly who they’re from. One, my favourite, is from my senior year of marching band.

I’d become “Band Mom,” and a lot of the freshman looked up to me. One girl, I called her Princess, gave me note and a button. The button is black with a quarter note, and says band. It and the note still hang on my bedroom wall, three years later. She’s graduating this year – perhaps I’ll pay her back.

But that’s what I mean. Buttons can hold fond memories of things. And they’re good for remembering things that brought us joy in the past. And I’m hoping that, through my pins, I can help people reflect their style. That I can help reflect some inner thoughts, feelings, or attitudes. Or to totally indulge someone’s inner nerd!

So, I may not talk about it much. But my business, button making, is a very near and dear thing to my heart. I changed my major, so I was able to focus more on that. I had an epiphany that that was what I wanted to do. And make buttons and blogging is what I want to do with my life. I’d be very happy to do just that.

Thanks for Reading!


~ Amber

I just wanted to tack on the end here that, if anybody is in need of custom buttons, to write me through my contact page! Whether for presents, fundraisers, personal business, have a design in mind but can’t draw – anything, I’d be more than happy to help. And we can discuss designs and pricing, etc!

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What I Learned Doing My First Commission



Recently, I had my very first commission (which I mentioned Here). I made buttons for the sister of a good friend of my boyfriend’s. For those of you who don’t know what a commission is —





noun: commission; plural noun: commissions; noun: comm.


an instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of people.

“his commission to redesign the building”

task, employment, job, project, mission, assignment, undertaking; More
an order for something, especially a work of art, to be produced.

“Mozart at last received a commission to write an opera”
a work produced in response to a commission.
the authority to perform a task or certain duties.

warrant, license, sanction, authority
“items made under state commission”


a group of people officially charged with a particular function.

“the United Nations High Commission for Refugees”
committee, board, council, panel, directorate, delegation
“an independent commission”


an amount of money, typically a set percentage of the value involved, paid to an agent in a commercial transaction.

“foreign banks may charge a commission”
percentage, brokerage, share, portion, dividend, premium, fee, consideration, bonus;More


Simply put – she paid me to make her six buttons. Three of the buttons were fan art from an anime called Assassination Classroom, and the other three were characters of her own.


Never having done a commission before, I didn’t know what to do or what to expect. I’d seen lots and lots of people online do them, but I could never get anyone to buy one. It was an interesting experience, and I’m definitely looking forward to doing more in the future (if anybody wants one). I have an Etsy, if you want to see what I have done  – maybe, possibly, order one, or two, or five. But just contact me about requests and pricing (shameless ad, lol).


Commissions are definitely a different world.


Firstly, I’ve never really had a timeline to do my artwork before. Commissions, you have to try and get done as soon as possible. But also in good quality. Trying to find the balance between was difficult. I wanted it to look as nice as possible. But also not take forever to do.

The quality thing ties into my next point – quality, although it should be, has never really been at the top of my list. I do what I do to get it done. But, with commissions, somebody is buying it.  So you better make it good (my boyfriend and I got annoyed with each other during the button making process, because of this).

Third, you gotta keep up with the buyer. Thomas (my boyfriend) knew her, I didn’t. So he tried to keep her as up to date as he could. But I’d had a craft show to get ready for. And during that process, she thought we forgot about her. We hadn’t – we were just busy. So, open lines of communication are a must. Though, I suppose it’s like that for an custom business.


Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet, it’ll be easier if I ever have another commission. But the first time was definitely a doosie. I guess it’s always like that the first time though. It ended up being a fun, interesting learning experience! I’m hoping to get more commissions in the future!


Have you ever done commissions, or something like that? What did you find was hardest? Tell me below!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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Versatile Blogger Award! (+ Milestone!)


I was nominated by the lovely Karissa Jacksn, go check her blog out! Thank you so much, again!

The rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and share their links
  2. Nominate at least 10 other bloggers, share their links, and inform them of the nomination
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know

My 7 facts!

  1. My birthday is November 11th, making me a Scorpio!
  2. My birthstone and my name are the same!
  3. Diablo III is one of my favourite games to play with my boyfriend!
  4. My first job was at a Boy Scout summer camp
  5. I made my mom start a blog, lol
  6. Red tulips are my favourite flowers
  7. Howl’s Moving Castle is my favourite book

My Nominees! (in no particular order)

  1. Simply Fleur
  2. Wander Summer
  3. Simple Ula
  4. Xclusive Glam
  5. Bella & Moda
  6. Books and Travelling with Lynn
  7. The Detached Lens
  8. Kasey Daye
  9. The Fashion Huntress
  10. Soumi Bose


Thank you again, Karissa!


I just wanted to tack a huge THANK YOU! here at the end! Two days ago, we hit 400! I just thanked everybody for 300 and 200! Just – wow! I can’t believe it, and I cannot thank you all enough! We’re already half way to 500! I want to do something special, I haven’t figured out just what though.

Any suggestions?

I really want to do something special, because you guys are wonderful and fabulous! And I just – cannot express my gratefulness! Thank you all so so so much, from the bottom of my heart!

Also, thoughts on starting a newsletter? I’ve never done one, but I’ve been thinking about it.

I hope every body has a wonderful day! Thank you all again!

Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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May 2017 Recap!


So May has finally come to a close, now it’s time for the recap! And, let me tell you, this month has been busy and full of surprises!

Firstly, it’s kind of a milestone I thought I’d incorporate! There are over three hundred – not just two hundred – but three hundred Rocketeers (yes, I am sticking with it) now!! Holy cow!!  This is so exciting! I cannot thank you all enough for being along for the ride! It means so much! I hope to keep providing you all with content that you like to read! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come, and I really think you all are going to like it!

I also started planning a big project last month! But that won’t be launched until July! I’m super excited about it, and really hoping that you all are going to like it! 

May 3rd marked the end of spring semester! So I am finally out for summer! I’ve been trying to get my butt in gear, and really crack down on my blog. I’ve been trying to work and grow. I think it worked, at least some. These are last month’s stats!








It was an insane jump! I’d just been trying to get to 50 followers! Instead, over 300! It’s more than a girl can ask for! But it’s given me hope that I can actually do this now! I’m determined to make blogging my job, it’s kind of my passion! But I also need to work on my business, even though I have no clue where to start. But I have Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram! Working on the business is for June, though!

I did join Amazon Affiliates, though! So I’m hoping to try and make a little off of that!

I also did another craft show last month! My mom couldn’t go, so my boyfriend and I did it for her. I sold two shrinky dink pins! And bought a Bamboo and Green tea Bath Bomb! It smells wonderful!




Speaking of my boyfriend, we celebrated 11 months! A year is coming up soon! I’m so excited, but also so nervous…Although I am happy and very grateful for having been with him so long. I’m hoping we’ll be together for a very long time!


Also, I started a bullet journal last month too! It’s come in very handy! I very much suggest starting one, if you haven’t! It’s a good way to stay organized. If you don’t know where to start, Pinterest has a lot of ideas!

IMG_20170601_185554.jpg IMG_20170601_185520.jpg

IMG_20170601_185612.jpg IMG_20170602_102706.jpg

IMG_20170602_102801.jpg IMG_20170602_102807.jpg

My mom and I went to a tea party at an old mansion, from when our town was first built. The house was pretty, and the tea and tiny sandwiches were good. But there was also something severely creepy about it. The image of the portrait of the little girl still haunts me…It was, vaguely unsettling to be there. But it was fun, overall!


IMG_20170520_215637_602 IMG_20170520_215637_604


As for other small victories – I bought a nice dining set from the Goodwill, cleaned and reorganized my desk, finally rebooted an old story the way I wanted, and tried to start drawing more!

IMG_20170527_141325_293.jpg IMG_20170527_141325_301


Overall, May was a good month!

How was your May? What was the best part? Any little victories?


Thanks for Reading! Happy June!


~ Amber

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200 Follower Milestone

Holy cow you guys! We were just celebrating 100, and now 200 Rocketeers (does that work, since my blog is Pastel Bottle Rocket? lol)!! Wow! You can’t believe how much that this means to me. You all are fabulous and wonderful!  I really just can’t thank you all enough!

I can’t believe that we’ve come this far. It’s only been two and half months! Like – oh my goodness! Thank you all so so so much! I’d hug all of you and pinch your cheeks, if I could!

So – I guess this is also a good time to tell you that I will be launching a project, of sorts, in July! I’m super excited about it, and I hope that you will like it too!!

Thank you all, again!

~ Amber

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Milestone Celebration!


Soooo…It’s Wednesday. What’s so special about Wednesday? I don’t normally post today, that’s what’s special about Wednesday. So why are you reading this today? Don’t worry, nothing is wrong – but we have a milestone to celebrate! On Monday, when I posted 5 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way, we reached 100 followers!!




I’m so excited! I’m so glad and grateful that so many of you have decided to hit that little ‘follow’ button! It means so much. I feel like I’m finally, actually working my way towards achieving my dreams. Like – I never thought more than a handful would ever follow!

So thank you all, so so much for wanting to tag along for the ride! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come! And I’m really hoping that you all are going to enjoy it! And just – aahhh, thank you all so so so much!!


Okay, back to our regularly scheduled postings!


Thanks for Reading!!

~ Amber






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