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I’ve lived in the same town my entire life. It’s a small town, but not the kind where everybody knows everybody. It’s quaint enough though. It’s an old colonial town, and if you look up and down Main Street, you can tell the port town it used to be.


But they stopped dredging the creek at the turn of the century, and it’s been building up sediment since. So nobody can even ride a kayak through there anymore, when they used to be able to drive large boats through it! Still, it’s a nice little town. I’d be lying if I said it’s quiet though. You have to go 20 minutes out from the centre of town for that. Considering Route 40, a highway, runs right through our town.


However, small towns like mine are nice to live in. The nearest store isn’t miles away, but the quiet country is just a short drive. It also isn’t like the city, where everything is always loud and moving. And, where I live, I’m lucky enough to have two states within driving distance. I live in Maryland, but have Delaware within a 5 minute drive and Pennsylvania within a 10 – 20 minute drive. Even New Jersey isn’t a long way!


However, small town living can be difficult to get used to. I know plenty of people who have moved here from the city. They haven’t liked it very much. And it isn’t just because we’re in podunk nowhere. They can’t really explain what it is…


In the high school I went to, you had a good chance to know – if only by passing – almost every one of the 1,100 students that composed the school’s populus. And, if you knew one person well enough to pass them as a friend, you also knew everybody else they hung out with – older and younger.

Small town living is difficult at times. We don’t really have a lot around here to do – so it’s gets boring. You go to the same parks, drive the same roads, see the same people on the streets – day after day, it’s always the same.


And you dream a lot, when you’re from a small town.


You dream about tall buildings, towers that soar high into the atmosphere. Or the open prairie plains. Or cities across the world. Somewhere with more substance, with strange faces, and gorgeous culture. Small towns like mine nurture, not only drug addicts, but dreamers. I am one of the latter – a dreamer, a star gazer.


I want to make this little town proud.


So, sure, small town living isn’t easy. But it isn’t hard, either, and tends to create an easy going lifestyle. Although, it also creates a craving for more – at least on my part. I can’t say that I’ve always loved this town, or that I’m proud to call it my home all the time.


But this small town will always be a part of me.


Thanks for Reading!


~ Amber

[All the pictures were taken by me, on Main Street]

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Comments (12)

  1. Superb write… Loved the pics… Keep posting… I like looking at pics and imagining life there. Ur town is beautiful

  2. Looks like a nice town on your photos. I lived in a German medium city my whole life but last year I was in a small town for a half year as I helped my uncle who got diagnosed with brain tumor. We helped in rotation, so I had my free time too, for example in the afternoon or sometimes in the morning. I was there from December 2015 to June 2016 or so.

    Now I am back in the city since quite some time, and we moved my uncle too, so that he lives close to us in the city where we can help better and the hospital is closer too. But that was just the introduction, the point I want to make is about small towns and medium cities and that I can now say that I experienced both…

    It was really difficult for me when I came back to the city. I always loved it, but now since I experienced a small town that was more rural, I miss so many things. It was much more peaceful there, less drama, so much more nature of course, with that also more animals like birds that I never saw before and so on and so on.

    On the other side, city life is better because you have all kind of stores in reach, with that I mean I have to walk 10 minutes and can find nearly everything, while we had to drive when we were in the small town. I realized in both cases there are pros and cons. But I really miss the possibility to just walk 10 minutes to find myself in a beautiful green forest with very rare birds everywhere, or the horses on the grasslands and so on 🙂

    It’s strange, I like a bit of both cases… now to be completely happy, I would need to be able to afford two apartmens, one at each place, haha. Now I am sometimes happy to be back in the city, and then there are times where I feel sad because I miss the other place. It’s really strange.

  3. I’ve always been living in cities so I really can’t imagine what it’s like living in a small town. Asian cities are especially busy and fast moving and people here walk really fast, always with somewhere to go to. I love your rendition of your small town and hope that you’ll always keep the dreamer within as you go through life.

  4. Really liked this post! Having never been out of Europe all my life, I’m always curious to see what life in, for example, American cities looks like. I lived all my life in a capital city, hence I think living in a small town would take some getting used to. I’m still a dreamer though – I guess us dreamers are always longing to escape somewhere that’s not right in front of us 🙂

  5. Interesting post! I grew up in a small English town, but have moved round every few years all my adult life. I love moving and experiencing new places but I do think my children are missing out on some aspects of small town roots and community. Guess there are pros and cons to any life,hey?

  6. I’m definitely a city girl myself! Though it’s good to have countryside on the doorstep, which we do. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

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