May 2017 Recap!


So May has finally come to a close, now it’s time for the recap! And, let me tell you, this month has been busy and full of surprises!

Firstly, it’s kind of a milestone I thought I’d incorporate! There are over three hundred – not just two hundred – but three hundred Rocketeers (yes, I am sticking with it) now!! Holy cow!!  This is so exciting! I cannot thank you all enough for being along for the ride! It means so much! I hope to keep providing you all with content that you like to read! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come, and I really think you all are going to like it!

I also started planning a big project last month! But that won’t be launched until July! I’m super excited about it, and really hoping that you all are going to like it! 

May 3rd marked the end of spring semester! So I am finally out for summer! I’ve been trying to get my butt in gear, and really crack down on my blog. I’ve been trying to work and grow. I think it worked, at least some. These are last month’s stats!








It was an insane jump! I’d just been trying to get to 50 followers! Instead, over 300! It’s more than a girl can ask for! But it’s given me hope that I can actually do this now! I’m determined to make blogging my job, it’s kind of my passion! But I also need to work on my business, even though I have no clue where to start. But I have Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram! Working on the business is for June, though!

I did join Amazon Affiliates, though! So I’m hoping to try and make a little off of that!

I also did another craft show last month! My mom couldn’t go, so my boyfriend and I did it for her. I sold two shrinky dink pins! And bought a Bamboo and Green tea Bath Bomb! It smells wonderful!




Speaking of my boyfriend, we celebrated 11 months! A year is coming up soon! I’m so excited, but also so nervous…Although I am happy and very grateful for having been with him so long. I’m hoping we’ll be together for a very long time!


Also, I started a bullet journal last month too! It’s come in very handy! I very much suggest starting one, if you haven’t! It’s a good way to stay organized. If you don’t know where to start, Pinterest has a lot of ideas!

IMG_20170601_185554.jpg IMG_20170601_185520.jpg

IMG_20170601_185612.jpg IMG_20170602_102706.jpg

IMG_20170602_102801.jpg IMG_20170602_102807.jpg

My mom and I went to a tea party at an old mansion, from when our town was first built. The house was pretty, and the tea and tiny sandwiches were good. But there was also something severely creepy about it. The image of the portrait of the little girl still haunts me…It was, vaguely unsettling to be there. But it was fun, overall!


IMG_20170520_215637_602 IMG_20170520_215637_604


As for other small victories – I bought a nice dining set from the Goodwill, cleaned and reorganized my desk, finally rebooted an old story the way I wanted, and tried to start drawing more!

IMG_20170527_141325_293.jpg IMG_20170527_141325_301


Overall, May was a good month!

How was your May? What was the best part? Any little victories?


Thanks for Reading! Happy June!


~ Amber

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  1. Your article is inspiring. I’m starting to be active and have to share more. Thanks for a vivid story of events.

  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! Looks like you’ve spent a happy and full month. I envy your blog traffic 😉 I need to keep working!

    1. Yes, 3 people purchased in 2 months. Because I am not a huge YouTuber. But at least things are going. Hoping for the best.

  3. This is awesome !!! Congrats on achieving your blog goals and blogging more & gaining more blog friends/followers! I love your habit tracker !

  4. Congrats on such an excellent job of getting followers and starting a quite creative blog. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. It’s great to have you traveling with us!

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