July 2017 Recap


I’m not quite sure where July went. May crept by, then June sped up, and now July is gone in a flash. I wish it’d all so s l o w down for a bit. Why does time have to go by so fast?

So, July was an interesting month.

The month started with a family cook out, and watching a close friend of mine get married! I’m glad to see her happy. It’s great that her and her husband (which is still weird to say) are starting a life together. I think it’s amazing that she took the initiative to start living her own life.

I also got to launch my YouTube channel this month! Unfortunately, the last half of the month, I didn’t really stick to a schedule. Which I am going to try and fix in August! Starting August, I will be posting videos every Wednesday! As it is now, two videos a week is difficult and will be harder with school starting. I will also go back to posting twice a week, and using Wednesdays as announcement days!

The new season of Shameless came on Netflix this month! Thomas and I watched it within a few days. It’s amazing! It’s crazy, thinking back to how the show started. If you’ve never watched Shameless, I recommend it. – Just not if there are small children about!

Warped Tour was in July, the 16th for Columbia. It was so much fun! My friend, Paige, and I brought our boyfriends this year! Last time (two years ago) it was just her and I and her parents. Having a whole gang together this year, just made it that much more fun! Especially since the guys had never been to a concert before. I love when I get to be the first to have done something with my boyfriend!

For Warped Tour, I also did my first haul post! I was interesting, doing one. I don’t really go shopping a lot. So I never really get a chance to do those posts. And the fact that it was after that, made it that much better!

Starting a YouTube channel wasn’t the blogs only big step last month, though. Incredibly, we hit 1,000 followers! It’s so crazy to think about that number. And I don’t think I will ever be able to thank everybody enough! And the love and support never ceases to amaze me. Thank you, everybody, so so much!

Also, last month, I started a Ko-Fi account! There, you can help support the blog! The donations start as small as $3, that’s the price of one coffee (it’s cheaper than real coffee!). It’d be amazing if you could help me keep bringing you awesome content, and help me bring improvements to your viewing experience. You don’t even need a PayPal account!

I finally got to go on a Fair Date last month! The county fair was the last week of the month, and Thomas and I went to watch the rodeo! It never ceases to amaze me. This year they had a Native American girl, who was she was doing tricks with her horses. She even jumped through a hoop of fire with two horses, one foot on each horse!

July wasn’t as crazy as June. But some crazy things still happened! I’m hoping August, with the start of school, will be a good month. I hope you all have a good August too!


Have was your July?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber


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  1. Sounds like you had a really dope July. I wonder why time’s moving so fast too; probably because it’s summer. But I adore Shameless as well, that show is insane but it’s so worth it!

  2. I feel you! July was over just like that. Time flys by so quickly. I’m jealous I went to the last two warped tours but didn’t get to go this year. Canada is too far it looks like. I’ve been thinking of starting Shameless, I guess now I have to!

  3. Lovely to read over your July. I seriously must join the modern world and get Netflix. I’ve just read Before I Fall, and would love to see the adaptation.

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