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Journey to a Better Blog – Part 2; Why Do You Blog?


Since I’m going to be upstyling my blog, I thought I’d make a blogging series. I want to make my blog better, as I mentioned before. I thought I’d share my process, and see if I can help anyone with theirs! Blogging is an amazing experience, and loads of fun to do. But first you have to be confident with your blog itself. Not just the appearance, but also with the contents on your blog. You have to be confident in the heart of your blog.

I wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I switched to self-hosted. I just switched to a hosting site that had good reviews, and then shoved on a bunch of plugins I had found on Pinterest. I didn’t really take care to do a lot of soul searching; neither in myself nor in my blog. I also didn’t really bother to research the plugins more, and soon found that I couldn’t customize my site. It didn’t work half of the time either, which frustrated me to absolutely no end!

When I started upstyling my blog, I decided to fix all of that. I decided to put the heart back into my blog. – After I finally got it working (which I’ll touch on at a later time). I needed to figure out where to start though. So I started with two simple questions –


Why do I blog?

What can I offer that other people can’t?


You’re going to want to think long and hard about these.

One of these questions is harder than the other, but I found both were necessary before I could continue. You have to figure out why you blog before you can put the heart back into your blog. What drives you? Why do you write? Is what you’re writing making you excited to blog?

If your heart doesn’t beat for what you’re writing, then your blog’s heart won’t either. You’ll be able to tell that, meh, maybe you’re not really into this one subject. But you’re in love with another subject, and wrote a ridiculously long post about it. You can tell by people’s posts whether or not they truly love what they’re talking about.

I felt that in my own writing. I felt the lackluster as I began to dislike my blog. I began to feel like it was a chore. That, by the end of the week, I had to find something to grind out. I didn’t want that. Although it was clear by my terrible posts that I didn’t like what I was writing. But I wanted to keep my blog active, I didn’t want to give up. So I kept writing even though my posts were awful.

That was the starting point where I knew I needed a blog revamp. So I decided to start over, and now here we are!

So why do you blog?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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