How to Survive College!


College – where many a young person spends many years – and many monies – to try and further their education. It’s supposed to be the prime of your life! Going out and going wild, partying. That hasn’t been my experience. But I have one more year left, so I have plenty of experience in the college field.

With the school year fast approaching for everyone, I thought I’d share some survival tips for aspiring colleges students. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of high school and going. Or whether you’ve been married twenty years, have four kids, and a grandchild. Nobody is too old to go to college.


College is an experience. Both for life and for learning.


College offers you many things. Even through all of the trials and tests and late nights. People can tell you that college doesn’t offer much. I believe it teaches you a lot of skills. Some are skills are even in your major!

For those living in the dorms, those skills maybe money saving and cooking. For some they may be problem solving. For others, you may find your learning style (which is very important for studying).

So what I’m about to tell you might be practical stuff. However, it is stuff I’ve learned through the years.


Health First


I don’t care how important you think school is. I don’t care how freaking far up your list of ‘things to care about’ it is above your health. For the love of everything, school is not anywhere near as important as your health. And I’m talking physical and mental health. Nothing is more important than those two things. With how demanding college can be, it’s easy to get overwhelmed really fast.

When you start freaking out, that’s when you need a chill pill. Shove every school related thing away, and do something else. Give yourself a break. I don’t care if you’re studying for or are in art school, med school, your local college or university. You want good grades? Relax. Give yourself a break, because stressing and cramming will not help you and will only make you sick. So you may miss a class or test anyway!


Don’t Put Off Deadlines


This is probably the most stressful thing about college. Trying to meet deadlines. Whether it’s next class or the end of the semester. I’ve spent way too much time cramming the night before. So I’m here to tell you – get it done and out of the way. Even if you have a week for that outline or essay – it will creep up on you. And you will be up until one AM trying to get it done.

That partner project, work on it as soon as possible. Keep tabs on what everyone is doing. Email your part to each other, send it over the Drive – just make sure you know what other people in your group are doing. Make sure you get it done ASAP, so that you don’t have to worry. Make sure you get it into, even the laziest person’s, head that the quicker you do it, the sooner it’s over.




I never studied before I got to college. Never ever in my life did I study, until I took my first math class. I studied my butt off trying to get a passing grade in that class. It doesn’t matter if you think that you’re above studying, it is the most useful thing in college.

There are even some classes that there is no freaking way you’re passing without studying. Like biology, unless you can look at a sheet of paper once and remember 30 names of bacteria. You need to study.


Keep in Touch


College is a fun place to meet new people and find new friends (something I’ve not yet accomplished). But, while you’re wrapped up in it all, never forget your old ones. Your old friends are still very important. Even if you’re half a country apart, keep in touch with your friends.

But also keep in touch with family. They’ll worry, ya know. It doesn’t matter if you’re living 45 minutes away or three hours. You family will worry, they’ll want to see your dorm, and meet your friends. So, while you’re glamming it up with your new buds, don’t forget to call home.


Have Fun


Through everything in college, the most important is to remember to have fun. It’ll help relieve your stress, and you’ll make a lot more memories that way. Even though you’re in school, you don’t have to be all business.

Make your hard classes fun, somehow. Make your easy classes enjoyable, instead of boring. Find the fun in life!


College is a mixed bag of things. You’ll have ups and downs, find friends, lose friends. And make amazing memories along the way. Sometimes it’s like the movies, sometimes it’s not. But college is what you make of it.

These are my tips to surviving through college. Do you have any tips or tricks for incoming college students? What was your college like?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber




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