For those of you who just see the title, and think I’m advocating for kids not to go to school. – That is very far from what I’m here for. With this being school month here on the blog, I thought I’d share a video I found a while ago. I think this is a very important video.


You can watch it HERE


School is full of subjects that kids really don’t need. Or subjects that they don’t need more than the basics of. Why do I need to go all the way to Trig, when basic math is literally all I need? Why do I need to dissect a fish or a baby pig? I know how my cells work, how reproduction is done, what causes cancer and, why the seasons change. Why do I need to learn more?

What is the point of learning these, if they’re not at all applicable to the child’s everyday life?

School doesn’t prepare kids for the real world on any level. People say that parents are supposed to do that. But what if they don’t know how, or what if they’re not around? What about all those people who are orphans, or that their parents are dead and they’re living with another relative?

Home Ec used to be taught as a mandatory class in high school and middle school. My parents say it was one of the most important classes they took. They learned to sew and some of how to cook. I think it’s a tragedy that this was taken out of the curriculum. Kids really need a class like that.

People are going to college unable to clean or cook or budget. Like the video says, we’re not taught how to get jobs or any amount of practical things in school. Kids spend more time there than at home, and at home they’re doing homework. Their parents are just getting home, they don’t want to have to teach their kid to cook after a long day.

We’re taught a bunch of pointless things. But nothing of what we need. I know we need to know history to stop it from repeating (although, by the political climate and current goings on, we’re very much about to). It’s important to learn to read, write, and do math – but is it really necessary to learn more than basics? If you want to go into a field that needs it, sure, knock yourself out. I, though, had no want or need for any extra.

Even in college you have to take “college level” math and such. I get why English is important (although not why all the essays are), so they can make sure that you can read and write on an ‘adult’ level. But more math and science? Why did I have to take Psychology or Biology? I wanted nothing to do with either of those. But I was required to do them anyway.


The video better expresses these feelings than I can. It’s definitely worth giving a watch and thinking some about.


What do you think of the video?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber



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  1. Love. Love. LOVE this. I completely agree that we need to have more practical applications in school. Laws, voting, budgeting, sewing, cooking, time management…the list goes on…

    1. I feel a lot of issues would be solved if people learned practical things. Along with learning how to vote, how to pick a good political candidate, and learning what laws and rights we have.

  2. This is something that never seems to get solved. I remember wondering why they weren’t teaching us how to balance a checkbook in high school, in those crucial years before we’ll need to start doing it for the rest of our lives. I also remember watching a black and white movie about how eskimos build igloos and store whale meat for the long winters, and wondering how that information applies to a kid in Los Angeles, a desert plateau. lol So many questions. Great point that can’t be raised often enough.

    1. They’re always saying that parents should teach it. But we didn’t go to school for eight how’s to learn how igloos are built. Teachers always say you can’t do this or that in college. And that you can’t do this or that in the real world. But kids don’t know what to do out in the real world, because they were never taught to take care of themselves there.

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