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Deep Sea Dreams

So, I thought I’d bring over some posts from my old blog that I feel fit more with what I have here. This is one of them – 

This is a picture I did recently for my photography class. I came up with the composition and posed, while my boyfriend took the picture. Originally, he was supposed to model but he didn’t  understand what I meant. It was a painful process, lol But I thought I’d try telling a little story with it.

A 100 Word Story


There was once a girl who dreamed of the sea.

She read and read and read. Stories and fables about what lay beyond its surface. And within its briny depths, she dreamed of a world of worlds. A world where people swam with tails. A world where dolphins sung with you as you glided through the forests of kelp.

And the girl wished and wished, with all her heart, to be part of the briny world below. But she could only ever dream of leading such a fantastic life. And so she slept and read, dreaming a deep sea dream.

Thanks for Reading!

– Amber


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