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Going to college is a lot different than high school. High school you have six folders, four binders, and a two textbooks that you have to carry with you everyday. But in college you may need one textbook for one class, but just a spiral for another. And you don’t have class everyday, which is amazing.

Everybody does college differently. Some prefer it all electronic, keeping all of their notes and dates in their phone/laptop/tablet. But I’d prefer to just write everything down the good old fashion way! No matter how you do it, there are a few essential things that you’ll always want to carry with you. – On top of your ever faithful backpack!


Planner/Bullet Journal/Organizer


I just started using one of these this past school year, and it has been the most helpful thing. You can keep track of quizzes, homework, tests – everything to keep your schedule straight. Making sure you’re tagging those deadlines will save your butt. You’re going to want to make sure you write it down in class, as the teacher says it. This way, you don’t second guess yourself later. Also, you can show classmates if they didn’t note it!

If you keep track of things in your phone, or other electronic device, you can disregard this!

Plenty of Pens


Pens, pens, pens – you never know when you’re going to need one. Maybe you write down all your notes in pencil. But I guarantee that, at least, one person will forget something to write with. Help save their day!




Highlighters are good for noting important things on handouts. Have something the professor wants emphasis on? Highlight it. Is that due date hiding? Highlight it. Get bored? Highlight the whole freaking paper (I don’t encourage this, lol).




A good old fashion folder is good to have. Every class usually gives you, at least, one paper. Not everyday, but some teachers will give you things. Have a folder around in case they do. That way you don’t lose it, or have to shove it in a book, or fold it to put it in your pocket!


Sticky Notes


Sticky notes are good for English classes, mostly. This allows you to follow along and jot down notes to stick in the book. But they’re good for other things too! Like writing a note to your professor. Or a reminder to stick in front of your folder or textbook!


College can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier. And I’ve found these things to be very useful through my three years! Hopefully thy will be to you as well!

What are essentials in your bag?


Thanks for Reading!


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