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How to Design Buttons!


Button badges come in all shapes and sizes. Every person who makes them, designs them in different ways. I’m no different when it comes to that. I haven’t gotten a chance to actually make any yet, but my punch will be coming in soon! Anyway – I’ve been using a template I got offline.


I found this diagram to help explain a little better.


  1. My button maker is 2.25″, so I found a template that size. I use MediBang Paint Pro to draw and design in. So I put the template into MediBang, and made it the size of my workspace.


2. I drew a grey circle where the 2.25″ face will be. I do that so I don’t design outside of the lines. Anyway, I always start with a solid background colour on a separate layer.


3. If I want a gradient type thing, I take a pale colour in the same colour family as my background and the watercolour brush on the same layer. I want the center to be the lightest, so I press harder here and blend as I go out.


4. On top of that, on a new layer, I do lineart of the design I want using the pen brush. Here, I’m making a Sailor Moon button.


5. The next thing I do, is the flat colours. Here, it’s only the gold of the tiara and the red of the gem.


6. Using the Airbrush tool, on the same layer as the flat colour, I choose a medium colour for the accents. After, on the same layer, I choose an even lighter colour for the highlights.


7. Lastly, I add in text! MediBang is a little hard to use for this, since the options for text are in Japanese. Along with the fact that it takes a second to give you a preview. But it works well enough!


And so we have a finished button!


I know it isn’t the best tutorial, it’s the first I’ve ever made. But that’s the basic gist of how I’ve been designing buttons!!

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