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August & September 2017 Post Recap!

This month I thought I’d do something a little different. Usually I do recap posts, going down a list of all that happened the month before. But I thought I’d do something different this time. August and September were sparser, more erratic months post wise. I’m still juggling school, work, and extra curriculars.

So I thought, why not create a list of the posts I made those two months? They didn’t follow the schedule really. So it’s kind of an ‘In Case You Missed It” type thing. Giving you a brief run down of the post, in case you didn’t get a chance to read it but want to. Also -since I didn’t do New Video posts, to tell you that I did post one, I figured I might as well add them into too!


August 2, 2017 – [New Video] July Favourites!

This was August’s first post; July was the only month I did a favourites video. I kept forgetting to keep track of the stuff I’d want to talk about. So I gave up rather quickly on that.


August 4, 2017 – July 2017 Recap

The July recap is, basically, just what you’d expect. July was a lot of fun, though!


August 7, 2017 – How to Survive College

As a college veteran – well, working on my last year, at least – I decided to write this. Where I attempt to give useful advice to people, both, already in college and going into it. Maybe it’s useful, maybe it’s not. Who knows, lol


August 9, 2017 – Summer Runaways

Anyone who’s been here a while, knows that I enjoy doing 100 word stories based around pictures I’ve taken. This was another one, just for fun!


August 9, 2017 –  [New Video] Top 5 Things About College

August was supposed to be themed around school. Since it is the month most people – including myself – went back. So, to go along with that theme, I made a video about my favourite things about college!


August 11, 2017 – Top 5 Books from High School

I’m a big book lover, and some of my favourite books came from what we read in school! Some of the things we were made to read in English class were awful. But this list contains ones that stuck with me!


August 14, 2017 – #DontStayInSchool

#DontStayInSchool was a video by BoyInABand, talking about how school doesn’t really prepare us for anything. These were my thoughts on it. I thought it was an important video, and wanted to share and get thoughts on it!


August 17, 2017 – Announcement!

We’re Live!

Both of these were about me switching to self-hosted, and getting my own website going! I still have a lot of kinks to work out, but I’m super excited to have my own space!


August 18, 2017 – School Morning Playlist!

I’m a huge music junkie, and nothing says ‘get up and go’ like a good playlist! Especially on school mornings, sometimes you just need the extra kick!


August 22, 2017 – After School Date Ideas!

Dating and going to school can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be! I whipped up this list to help you through!


August 25, 2017 – College Essentials


You’ll need stuff for college – but not necessarily a lot. After a few years of experience, I wrote up a list of – what I found in my experience to be – the essentials.


August 28, 2017 – Sun Shower

This was another 100 word story I cooked up – but school themed!



September 1, 2017 – August 2017 Recap

So, like every other month, I started September off with a monthly recap. Although, very rarely, does it ever actually end up on the first day of the month! So that was satisfying!


September 8, 2017 – Writing from the Heart

If you noticed I stopped writing two posts a week, this is the post explaining why.


September 15, 2017 – Autumn 2017 Aesthetic Board

Aesthetic boards are fun to do and, since Autumn is acomin’, I thought why not make one for the season?! All the photos are from a free stock photo site!


September 20, 2017 – I’m Back + Story Time!


This was a video that I did not have an announcement for. But I had a lot of fun making this, and recounting a very embarrassing tale!


September 27, 2017 – What’s In My Bag?!

This was another video I didn’t announce. It’s my first time ever doing a ‘what’s in my bag’! I had a lot of fun, and realized I carry too much crap with me!


September 29, 2017 – Top 5 (Surprisingly) Good Games for Couples!

My boyfriend and I play a lot of games together. Some I found to be more ‘couplely’ than others. So, if you’re looking for something new to play, check this out!


This brings us to the end of September. The month where I started posting once a week, and dyed my hair bright red! It was my first full month of school and work, and I predict it just getting more hectic from here on out.

I know this was a little different, but I hope you liked it all the same!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

I hope you’re enjoying the new site! You can Buy Me a Coffee, and help keep this up and going!


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August 2017 Recap!


I’m not quite sure where August went – I guess the same place as July. Just the last fleeting months of summer. The last couple weeks of freedom before you’re snagged in another school year. Before the cool breezes start to set in, the leaves changing, letting you know that the cold season is on its way.

August has definitely been a quieter month. Not much has gone on. Although there was big things that happened! 

In the beginning of the month,I went to an All Time Low concert with my friend in Baltimore. It was amazing!! All of the opening acts were also really awesome! I’d never been to an ATL concert before, so going was super exciting. Even though it did start to rain at one point. But standing out in the cold rain was totally worth it! – so was getting beer spilled on me thanks to the drunk girls next to me…

Other than that, two other super exciting things happened this month. – First things first, I got a job! Like, an honest to goodness job! It took forever to get here, but I’m super glad I finally found one. Thanks to my loving boyfriend, I work at a party supply store! I spend most of my days filling balloons and orders for them. Currently, we’re switching out everything for Autumn! – I did spot a Christmas plate though. It is only September people..!

On blogging news, I switched to self-hosted! That’s right, I took the big plunge! I’m now officially! It’s been quite a transition and, to be frank, I don’t really have any idea about what I’m doing. I’m just trying my best! I thinking about starting up a newsletter; I’ve heard that’s a good thing to do. Although I can’t get my site to work properly on Chrome. I’ve checked a dozen times on FireFox, Edge, and Internet Explorer – every time I try it works. But on Chrome, it’s more 70:30 on whether or not it decides to work. 70% of the time it doesn’t. Anybody have any suggestions?

The blog also hit 1200 followers in August! That’s such a crazy number! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you who tunes in every Monday and Friday to read my stuff! I know I’ve been slacking lately, and my posts haven’t exactly been up to par. – Or on time (I try and post at 11).

But I promise to change that!

School started this week, so I’ve been a little frazzled. But I’m going to try and figure out a good schedule between school and work to work on my blog! One day, I want this to be my job, so I gotta work hard now! Also got to figure out more quality content than what I write!

Anyway – so yeah! Although August was a little quieter, a lot of big things happened this month!

I can’t thank everyone enough for sticking around this long! I never thought I’d get to this point, and I’m eternally grateful for everyone!


Happy Blogtember!

~ Amber

I hope you’re enjoying the new site! You can Buy Me a Coffee, and help keep this up and going!


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July 2017 Recap


I’m not quite sure where July went. May crept by, then June sped up, and now July is gone in a flash. I wish it’d all so s l o w down for a bit. Why does time have to go by so fast?

So, July was an interesting month.

The month started with a family cook out, and watching a close friend of mine get married! I’m glad to see her happy. It’s great that her and her husband (which is still weird to say) are starting a life together. I think it’s amazing that she took the initiative to start living her own life.

I also got to launch my YouTube channel this month! Unfortunately, the last half of the month, I didn’t really stick to a schedule. Which I am going to try and fix in August! Starting August, I will be posting videos every Wednesday! As it is now, two videos a week is difficult and will be harder with school starting. I will also go back to posting twice a week, and using Wednesdays as announcement days!

The new season of Shameless came on Netflix this month! Thomas and I watched it within a few days. It’s amazing! It’s crazy, thinking back to how the show started. If you’ve never watched Shameless, I recommend it. – Just not if there are small children about!

Warped Tour was in July, the 16th for Columbia. It was so much fun! My friend, Paige, and I brought our boyfriends this year! Last time (two years ago) it was just her and I and her parents. Having a whole gang together this year, just made it that much more fun! Especially since the guys had never been to a concert before. I love when I get to be the first to have done something with my boyfriend!

For Warped Tour, I also did my first haul post! I was interesting, doing one. I don’t really go shopping a lot. So I never really get a chance to do those posts. And the fact that it was after that, made it that much better!

Starting a YouTube channel wasn’t the blogs only big step last month, though. Incredibly, we hit 1,000 followers! It’s so crazy to think about that number. And I don’t think I will ever be able to thank everybody enough! And the love and support never ceases to amaze me. Thank you, everybody, so so much!

Also, last month, I started a Ko-Fi account! There, you can help support the blog! The donations start as small as $3, that’s the price of one coffee (it’s cheaper than real coffee!). It’d be amazing if you could help me keep bringing you awesome content, and help me bring improvements to your viewing experience. You don’t even need a PayPal account!

I finally got to go on a Fair Date last month! The county fair was the last week of the month, and Thomas and I went to watch the rodeo! It never ceases to amaze me. This year they had a Native American girl, who was she was doing tricks with her horses. She even jumped through a hoop of fire with two horses, one foot on each horse!

July wasn’t as crazy as June. But some crazy things still happened! I’m hoping August, with the start of school, will be a good month. I hope you all have a good August too!


Have was your July?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber


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June 2017 Recap



June was kind of a potluck. It threw in good things, bad things – things I didn’t expect.

June started off pretty good. I got a new journal for my bujo, and new highlighters to make it pretty. I designed a lot of new buttons, and started brainstorming collections. I really can’t wait to make them all. I love my buttons so much! It’s always so rewarding to see how they come out, once everything is put together.


Speaking of buttons, I got a few orders last month! One was from my cousin, Tiffany, for her nephew (my baby cousin’s) Baptism. I made Godfather and Godmother pins! I also got a sale through my Etsy store for a cactus pin! I felt so adult buying bubble envelopes and ink.


Blog wise – geez, last month the amount of Rocketeers has grown to a staggering 800+. That is an – insane – number when you don’t think you’re ever going to get more than 50. Like, I seriously cannot thank you all enough for that. It blows my mind to think about it, really.

For 500, I held my first giveaway. I don’t think it went too bad for my first, either! Thank you, everybody! It’s heartwarming to know that you guys want to participate in stuff! It’s beyond my wildest dreams, really! Thank you, so so much! It means the world that I’m able to do this!

I also signed up for Amazon Affiliate, Rakuten Marketing, and BlogLovin’ Activate last month. To try and bring in some money. That plan – kind of a flop. I made 49 cents, but then Amazon declined my account. So I tweaked, and tried again. I’ve made 12 cents, lol But nothing from Rakuten (which is confusing as hell). And I recently participated in a sponsored challenge on BlogLovin’, which you can find here.


Does anybody have any advice on how to optimize your affiliates? ‘Cause I’m stumbling in the dark here, lol


I also reached 400+ on Instagram and 100+ on Twitter. As well as started an Instagram exclusively for showing off my pins. I have 70+, but I don’t think it’s going very well so far. You can check it out here. I also announced a project that will be launched this month!


So, as you can see, milestones were hit last month! It was very productive.


On a more personal note, I celebrated a year with my boyfriend, Thomas! We also got promise rings. And it’s just – so crazy! To think someone has wanted to be with me that long – it’s an insane thought. But I’m so grateful to have him in my life. Sure – sometimes we fight or bicker or get on each other’s nerves. But that’s to be expected. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him. We’re hoping to get married in the next few years, and start a family. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I also got to see the last of the band kids I knew graduate. As well as Thomas’ sister. I went to one of their graduations, and it was so nice to see her. The fact that she graduated still blows my mind. It seems like high school was just yesterday. Now she’s off to Frostburg, and I should be graduating college come December. It’s crazy!

We, my parents and I, also got a new puppy! Her name is Molly. We think she’s a Coonhound and German Pointer mix. She’s six months old, and hasn’t really learned how to play gentle yet. We also don’t have a fenced in yard, so we have to walk her. My dad can’t now, because he’s having back issues that we just found out about. I can’t wait to be able to fence in the yard.


Overall June was a productive month, full of growth. And I’m hoping that the trend continues as the blog grows.


But the last day of the month, was the worst. And it wasn’t because I was hormonal, and cried because Molly wouldn’t get off the couch. A good friend of mine died in a car accident. It’s still so hard to believe. Her name was Sam; she talked a lot. But she was one of the most brilliant people. Her and I could not see each other for months, and then gossip like we’d known each other in diapers.

To be honest, I’m sad that I didn’t know her longer. I only knew her about three years – our senior year of high school was when we met. We wrote satirical scripts in video class, and wrote idiotic parody songs. Meeting Sam was really the only interesting thing about senior year. She was one of those people that you don’t forget. They’re so different, and they stick out in your memory.

I had a three hour break between classes, about three or four semesters ago. Sam sat with me in the lab. We’d gossip about her co-workers, and joke around about the goings on at her job. The fact that she’s gone, the evertalking Sam, is just – so hard to wrap my head around. She was one of those people who had the mind to make a big difference in the world. And Sam was persistent enough, she could have.

I didn’t know a lot about her personal life. But I guess you don’t need to, to be good friends with someone. We had a lot of laughs together. Created a lot of stupid things, which were awful when filmed. But we had fun, and the memories are what matter. I’m really glad I got to see her, one last time.

It was about a month ago. Thomas and I were walking around my neighborhood. I heard someone call my name a few times. And then I realized it was Sam. She’d dropped off the face of the planet. She caught me up, and said what she always did; why aren’t we better friends?

I wish I knew.

I’ll miss her. She was one of those people you enjoyed bumping into and catching up with. One of those friends you could invite to lunch, or invite them out for coffee. I’m just hoping she’s in peace, wherever she is.


With everything, June definitely turned out to be a crazy month! Both for the good and bad. Here’s to hoping for an Awesome July for all!


How was your June? Any achievements, milestones, exciting things happen?


Thanks for Reading!


~ Amber

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May 2017 Recap!


So May has finally come to a close, now it’s time for the recap! And, let me tell you, this month has been busy and full of surprises!

Firstly, it’s kind of a milestone I thought I’d incorporate! There are over three hundred – not just two hundred – but three hundred Rocketeers (yes, I am sticking with it) now!! Holy cow!!  This is so exciting! I cannot thank you all enough for being along for the ride! It means so much! I hope to keep providing you all with content that you like to read! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come, and I really think you all are going to like it!

I also started planning a big project last month! But that won’t be launched until July! I’m super excited about it, and really hoping that you all are going to like it! 

May 3rd marked the end of spring semester! So I am finally out for summer! I’ve been trying to get my butt in gear, and really crack down on my blog. I’ve been trying to work and grow. I think it worked, at least some. These are last month’s stats!








It was an insane jump! I’d just been trying to get to 50 followers! Instead, over 300! It’s more than a girl can ask for! But it’s given me hope that I can actually do this now! I’m determined to make blogging my job, it’s kind of my passion! But I also need to work on my business, even though I have no clue where to start. But I have Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram! Working on the business is for June, though!

I did join Amazon Affiliates, though! So I’m hoping to try and make a little off of that!

I also did another craft show last month! My mom couldn’t go, so my boyfriend and I did it for her. I sold two shrinky dink pins! And bought a Bamboo and Green tea Bath Bomb! It smells wonderful!




Speaking of my boyfriend, we celebrated 11 months! A year is coming up soon! I’m so excited, but also so nervous…Although I am happy and very grateful for having been with him so long. I’m hoping we’ll be together for a very long time!


Also, I started a bullet journal last month too! It’s come in very handy! I very much suggest starting one, if you haven’t! It’s a good way to stay organized. If you don’t know where to start, Pinterest has a lot of ideas!

IMG_20170601_185554.jpg IMG_20170601_185520.jpg

IMG_20170601_185612.jpg IMG_20170602_102706.jpg

IMG_20170602_102801.jpg IMG_20170602_102807.jpg

My mom and I went to a tea party at an old mansion, from when our town was first built. The house was pretty, and the tea and tiny sandwiches were good. But there was also something severely creepy about it. The image of the portrait of the little girl still haunts me…It was, vaguely unsettling to be there. But it was fun, overall!


IMG_20170520_215637_602 IMG_20170520_215637_604


As for other small victories – I bought a nice dining set from the Goodwill, cleaned and reorganized my desk, finally rebooted an old story the way I wanted, and tried to start drawing more!

IMG_20170527_141325_293.jpg IMG_20170527_141325_301


Overall, May was a good month!

How was your May? What was the best part? Any little victories?


Thanks for Reading! Happy June!


~ Amber

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April 2017 Recap

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With April at a close, I thought I’d do a little recap on it. I’m thinking about doing this every month. But I haven’t decided yet.


So, to start, I did my very first craft show this month! It was very long, and I was super tired by the end. But it was fun, spending time with my mom (you can find her blog here, she’s a crafter). I basically designed an whole line for my bottle cap things. I sold two buttons to a sweet little toddler!

Also, I got my first commission buttons done! It was cool! Therewere six of them; Koro-sensei, Karma, and Nagisa from Assassination Classroom and three of her own characters. It took longer than I would have liked, but I got them done! She loved them, and I’m so happy that she did!


I colored my hair for the first time in a while!! I did it cyan and fuchsia, and then covered over that with aqua blue (you can go read my hair color review here).


I celebrated 10 months with my boyfriend! He’s the first guy I’ve been with this long! I love him so much, and I’m so glad that we’re together. Sure, we have our ups and downs. But he’s sweet, loving and supportive, and just – so much more!

I changed my username on Instagram to match my business name, and I also started up a Facebook page and an Etsy store! If you want to check those out, links below!!


Instagram –

Facebook –

Etsy –

Also, my boyfriend and I played Little Nightmares the day it came out – it was trippy. But it was also a cool little game (might do a review)! If you don’t know what Little Nightmares is, you can watch the trailer here.


Also, in April, I started really advertising more! Plus, this is two months since I started my blog! It’s so exciting!! I also reached ten blog posts, and fifteen followers last month! I’m hoping to really raise that up in the months to come.

The last few weeks were crammed with finals, but I got out of school the third of this month! So now it’s time to get crackin’ on my blog and business! I’m super excited!

Annnddd…yeah, that about sums up my April!

How was your April? Was it productive?

Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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