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Autumn 2017 Aesthetic Board


Autumn is slowly creeping up here in Maryland. The leaves are starting to change and fall to ground. Leaving the trees barren for their winter’s rest. The days are getting shorter, darkness calling us much earlier now. While the weather can’t seem to decide between the warm summer days and cool Autumn nights.

Stores are slowly beginning to drag out all of their Autumn merchandise. The ACME is barricaded pumpkins. While Halloween stores are beginning to pop up around town. Creepy decor slowly beginning to line the shelves of even the smallest stores.  Yes, Autumn is coming – whether we like it or not.

In honor of all the lovely new fashions, and gorgeous color pallet of the season. I’ve decided to create an Autumn Aesthetic board! I did one of these a while back called My Ideal Aesthetic Board. It was interesting, and a lot of fun to do. So I thought why not whip one up for the incoming season?


This time of year means something different for everyone. For me it means a lot of things, a lot of memories. Like days out to the orchard for hay rides, and going to the petting zoo. It means memories of birthdays and family gatherings, since I was born in November. As well as very many nights spent out on the football field, during marching band practice. And very many cold hours sitting in bleachers during games and competitions. The type of cold where even huddling together can’t save you from it, and your nose gets red, and your thighs so cold they tingle.

For me, the coming season means lots of purples and browns and oranges. It means warm boots, fuzzy socks, beanies, and cozy sweaters. Nights curled up with hot chocolate (my favourite is the Ghirardelli) under a warm blanket or by the fire (if I had a fireplace). Autumn means a brand new hair color to match the nature around me. As well as chilly hikes through the nature center to see all the brilliant colors.

During the season change is a wonderful time of year. It holds a different beauty, as do all the seasons. And I hope that your Autumn is full of fun! As well as – in the words of Mr Petty Bone – full of creeps, treats, monsters, and sweets!

Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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