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August 2017 Recap!


I’m not quite sure where August went – I guess the same place as July. Just the last fleeting months of summer. The last couple weeks of freedom before you’re snagged in another school year. Before the cool breezes start to set in, the leaves changing, letting you know that the cold season is on its way.

August has definitely been a quieter month. Not much has gone on. Although there was big things that happened! 

In the beginning of the month,I went to an All Time Low concert with my friend in Baltimore. It was amazing!! All of the opening acts were also really awesome! I’d never been to an ATL concert before, so going was super exciting. Even though it did start to rain at one point. But standing out in the cold rain was totally worth it! – so was getting beer spilled on me thanks to the drunk girls next to me…

Other than that, two other super exciting things happened this month. – First things first, I got a job! Like, an honest to goodness job! It took forever to get here, but I’m super glad I finally found one. Thanks to my loving boyfriend, I work at a party supply store! I spend most of my days filling balloons and orders for them. Currently, we’re switching out everything for Autumn! – I did spot a Christmas plate though. It is only September people..!

On blogging news, I switched to self-hosted! That’s right, I took the big plunge! I’m now officially! It’s been quite a transition and, to be frank, I don’t really have any idea about what I’m doing. I’m just trying my best! I thinking about starting up a newsletter; I’ve heard that’s a good thing to do. Although I can’t get my site to work properly on Chrome. I’ve checked a dozen times on FireFox, Edge, and Internet Explorer – every time I try it works. But on Chrome, it’s more 70:30 on whether or not it decides to work. 70% of the time it doesn’t. Anybody have any suggestions?

The blog also hit 1200 followers in August! That’s such a crazy number! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you who tunes in every Monday and Friday to read my stuff! I know I’ve been slacking lately, and my posts haven’t exactly been up to par. – Or on time (I try and post at 11).

But I promise to change that!

School started this week, so I’ve been a little frazzled. But I’m going to try and figure out a good schedule between school and work to work on my blog! One day, I want this to be my job, so I gotta work hard now! Also got to figure out more quality content than what I write!

Anyway – so yeah! Although August was a little quieter, a lot of big things happened this month!

I can’t thank everyone enough for sticking around this long! I never thought I’d get to this point, and I’m eternally grateful for everyone!


Happy Blogtember!

~ Amber

I hope you’re enjoying the new site! You can Buy Me a Coffee, and help keep this up and going!


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