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I’m so sorry! I’m so late with this. I worked yesterday, and forgot to write ahead!

Dating and going to school is hard. It gets harder when you’re in college and working, not seeing each other everyday in the hall. Maybe you don’t ride the bus together anymore. But you figure it out, find a rhythm.

It’s just what you do.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. This past school year was his first in college, my third. The first semester was hard. We didn’t have any classes together. It felt difficult to find time between classes, homework, and lab work. We figured it out, though. The second semester I forced him to sign up for psychology with me. – We make a pretty good team.

When you’re in school, high school or college, it isn’t all about the work. Yes, it is important. But you do deserve a breather. A brain break – I mentioned that in my How to Survive College article. But it’s even more important to keep your relationship kindled.

Sure, it’s important not to slack off in school. At least there you do have another chance. But you may not with the person you’re with. I don’t care how important you think school is – I think your feelings are much more important. Anyone who tells you to break up with someone because they interfere with school is asking you to throw away your feelings. And is also kind of selfish, I think. It’s hard to focus with a broken heart.

So, to help you and your sweetheart keep going, here are some After School Date Ideas!!


Go for a Walk

This is probably the simplest one. But walks are nice – if it’s not blazing hot or bitter cold. They give you time to yourselves, where you can just talk.  Maybe one of you lives in that neighbourhood, or has been there before, and can tell stories about it. You may not realize it, but going for walks is a nice simple way to go on a date.


Study Date

Maybe studying is the late thing you want to do on a date. But it helps to keep studying fun. Especially if you have the same class; you can quiz each other, make fun of the professor, or what have you. Just make sure you get in as much couple time as study time.


Dinner and a Movie

This one is a classic that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you go all out and head to a nice restaurant before going to see that new movie. Or maybe there’s a drive-in in your town (which sounds pretty freaking awesome). Or whether you make some dinner, even if it’s nothing fancy, and curl up together with an old DVD or  Netflix movie. And hey! – Even ordering pizza or raiding the cabinets counts as dinner!


Grab Breakfast

Okay, I know this is called “After School Date Ideas.” But there are some dates that can be done before school – like having a little breakfast. You can go to a restaurant, or grab some McD’s and eat in the parking lot, or maybe someone cooks! Either way, having breakfast together is a good way to squeeze a date in your day. – Not all dates have to happen at night!


Take Your Dog to the Park

If one – or both – of you have dogs, take them out somewhere! If you have a dog park, take them there, let them run. Or take them to the park, let them sniff around. Nothing bonds you like keeping a pup out of trouble! – And don’t forget your poop bags!


A Day In

You may not consider these “dates”, but they’re a great way to get in couple time. On a day when – sure, you could be doing homework, but not necessarily – just have a day in. Binge watch TV, play board games, do some crafts, bake, play video games – just take a day to yourselves and chill.


I, myself, have never been in a long distance relationship. But I do have few ideas for have school long distance dates too. You can tell me if they’re good or bad.


Go to the Same Food Place

If you can’t have a meal with them in person. Try bringing something to video chat on, and go to the same place to eat. I know it won’t be the same, but it’s as good of date as any.


Watch a Movie

You can bring your sweetheart up on a chat, and start your movie at the same time. It doesn’t matter what movie, old or new, at least you’ll be watching it together.


Play Games

Playing co-op games and talking over headset is a fun to have a long distance ‘day in.” Who needs to shower? Who needs to go out? Not you.


There’s a lot of different ways to spend time together. Working around school isn’t always easy, but it’s important. I hope this has given you a little insight into some fun things to squeeze in dates here and there!

How do you date during school? What do you advise for long distance relationships?


Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber


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