Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog!

Hi, I’m Amber Scholz!

I’m the face behind the madness! I’ve been working on Pastel Bottle Rocket (PBR for short) since March 2017. I tried many times before to start a blog, but I just didn’t feel the passion for them. Still, I was determined to try again. So when I decided I wanted to make buttons and start up an Etsy store, I also decided to make a blog to go along with it. Then, in a small local cafe on a date with my boyfriend, I chose the name that started all of this. It was soft, sweet, and little bit punk. – Thus Pastel Bottle Rocket was born!

I’ve come a long way since then. My blog has morphed and changed, myself with it. Both PBR and I are growing and changing and maturing together. I’m forever grateful for all of the support I’ve gotten along the way. As well as the audience I’ve gathered along the way. Each new day is new chance to try harder at making Pastel Bottle Rocket a bigger, better blog. I’m excited to go on this journey, and I hope that you come along for it!

From here, there are plenty of places to check out! You can hit the home page for my newest blog post. Or you can head over to my Facebook page, and give that a big ole like! You can also go to my Twitter and Instagram and follow the journey there! Feel free to poke around!

Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber