3 Secrets to Bleached Hair Care

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If you read my last post (Ion Color Brilliance Review), you’ll know I recently colored my hair. And that it is currently fuchsia and cyan, also – that it’s bleached. Now I’m no stranger to bleached hair. I had my hair bleached through most of high school, and my mother made sure I didn’t have ramen noodle hair.


I knew many a-person who didn’t take very good care of their bleached, ever-colored hair. – And you can always tell that didn’t. Their hair was brittle and straw like, and just down right dry and awful to the touch. Not to mention, it lacked the natural luster. So when they saw and felt mine, then they wondered why my hair was soft and shiny.


Keeping your hair nice when you bleach and strip it a lot is difficult work. When your hair still has it’s natural oils, and you wash and condition as often as it will allow, then your hair stays nice. It doesn’t require a lot of attention. However, once you’ve done to your hair what I did to mine, you learn to keep it looking nice.

Over the years I’ve used plenty of brands, but there are a three main items and tips I’ve learned to use.

1. Condition

Condition, condition, condition, condition. Conditioning is probably the most important part of taking care of your bleached hair. It moisturizes the strands, and gives back some of the nutrients that you’ve taken away with the bleaching. It will also aid in giving your hair back it’s shine.

The first day, you aren’t really supposed to wash your hair to give your color time to set.. But when you do, use a color stay shampoo. And then always, always make sure that you condition your hair. The longer the conditioner stays in before you rinse it out, the better.

2. After Shower Care

Leave-In Conditioner

As I said previously conditioner. – Try to keep your hair conditioned. Putting leave-in conditioner in your hair after your shower, will really help you make sure that you keep your hair soft and shiney. If it has added vitamins, that’s even better. This is the stuff I used during high school, Pantene Pro-V, Ultimate 10 BB Creme


Coconut Oil

I was given a bottle of coconut oil when I ran out of leave-in conditioner. My mom got it from someone, and I knew that I desperately had to keep the steady stream of vitamins in my hair. I had already started to feel the difference in my hair. So I used it, and it worked really well.

This is what I used (and currently have a bottle of sitting in my bathroom cabinet) – Organix Nourishing Coconut Oil

3. No Heat

After their showers, many people blow dry their hair and/or straighten it. If you want to keep your bleached hair healthy, I would recommend refraining from these activities. The heat from these items causes more damage to your hair. You also run a higher chance of burning your hair, since it is weaker and thinner now.

A lot of my experience comes from my junior/senior years of high school.

For my senior pictures, we had stripped and bleached my hair. I had dyed it bright red, and naturally I have dirty blonde hair. My parents wanted it half way natural looking for the pictures. After we did that, I had straightened it right after my shower. That turned out to be a very bad idea.

My hair wasn’t the same after that. I had lost all of my natural waves, and my hair was just – burnt and destroyed. I ended up cutting it short, and waiting for it to grow out. During that period, I made sure to keep my hair half way healthy and nourished.

I definitely learned the hard way.

These three things have helped me keep my hair soft and shiny over the years (Keeping your hair trimmed when you notice dead ends never hurts either). Keeping your hair nourished is important if you don’t want to be the one everybody says has straw or ramen noodle hair!

If you have any tricks or tips of your own, feel free to drop them below!

Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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  1. I have done very similar things to keep my bleached hair soft and shiny. I also do hot oil treatments which are fabulous. Olive oil, coconut oil are both great. Massage the oil in. Heat a towel in the microwave for a couple minutes. Wrap around hair. While that is cooling and working its magic heat another towel. When the first is cool, swap over. Do this for 20 – 30 minutes. Then wash and condition as usual.

    1. I hadn’t thought of using olive oil. That’s a good idea, along with the hot towel. I’d never thought of doing it that way. Normally, I just put it in my hair while it’s wet, and let it go naturally.

      1. Olive oil is so good for the skin too! And for removing makeup. Jusst be sure to use cold pressed, preferably first press, so it has retained all the goodies

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