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10 Things to Know About Me

Since I’m just starting out, I feel like we should get a little personal here. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. So I thought I’d introduce myself a little. Not to mention probably in the most cliche way possible –


  1.    I’m a 20 year old college student, who is graduating in the Autumn!

I’m going for Visual Communications! Come December, I’ll have an Associate of Applied Science. I had three different majors before I decided to go for VisCom – General Studies, Simulation and Game Design and Graphic Design.

I was never really happy
with any of them.

In General Studies, I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted to make comics, and tried my best to scrounge together classes based on that. In Graphic Design, I had a thought one day that I didn’t want to make posters and billboards for the rest of my life. Game Design is the latest, and I just wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, and it was difficult and frustrating. I couldn’t force myself to class any more, eventually dropping two of them.

  1.      I’m a total internet addict.

        I love the internet. Some of the people can be assholes, but you get that anywhere. Virtual or not. It also opens up so many possibilities! You meet so many amazing people, as well, that you never would have met otherwise. It brings more jobs to a dwindling job market, and supplies people with ideas and hobbies. And it’s just – I dunno, I love it!

I basically just live on the internet, lol

  1.      I Do Comics!

        Comics are one of my passions! I’ve been doing comics for a few years, and what I originally tried to go to school for (as previously stated). I love reading them and drawing them, and love all you can do with them. I think they’re just a wonderful story telling form!

        You can find my comics here –

        Teagan Williams is the main alias I use when I make things!

  1.      I Have Other Social Medias!

        I’m not a Social Media Queen, but I do enjoy using social media. Mostly, it’s Instagram. But I also like using Twitter. It’s a nice way to keep up with celebrities and other artists from around the world! Those are my main two, SnapChat is more for personal use rather than business.

You Can Follow Me Here – 

And Here –

  1.      I Adore Music!

        I was in band for seven years of my schooling – concert band, marching band, jazz band, stand band. I was also in choir from sophomore to senior year – my entire has revolved around music since forever. In college, I haven’t really taken any music classes, but I tend to keep up with new music from my favourite bands and artists.

        Like Divide – the new Ed Sheeran Album. Or Dirty Laundry and Last Young Renegade the new singles by All Time Low. So, even though I’m not playing it anymore, I always play music in my day to day.

Music has brought so many amazing people and experiences into my life. I don’t know what I’d do without.

  1. I’m a hair dye addict!

I’ve been colouring my hair since I was young. I’ve had my hair every colour except grey, yellow, orange and white! I love having my hair a bunch of different colours, and being bright and all! It’s such a big part of who I was, and who I am. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do it lately, since I’m trying to hunt down a job x..x

  1.      I’m a super nerd!

Anime, comic books, video games, YouTubers – those are basically mah thang. I love the culture, and all things that have come from it. They’re all really brilliant and cool and cons are so much fun (though I’ve only ever been to one!). Cosplaying is also really fun, and you meet a lot of  really awesome people!

  1.      Creativity is kind of my thang.

I’ve always been creative, all my life. My mother is an artist, my dad is really creative. And, basically, everybody in my extended family is creative as well. I love creating things

  1.      My mind is always buzzing!

It is very rare that my mind ever shuts the hell up. Seriously, it’s always somewhere else. I mean, it makes focusing hard sometimes. But it helps with creative ventures!

  1.      I’m Super Excited About Thing New Venture!

        I had a blog before, and found it therapeutic but never really had a coherent thing to write about. Also, I didn’t really know what I wanted out of life. I was lost. Now I know what I want, and get to share this adventure with you all! I’ve never tried to start a business before, or sell things I’ve designed – so this is new territory for me. But I’m super stoked about it, and hoping to learn more as time goes on!

I know that this is a little cheesy, but I thought I’d tell you a little about myself!

I really hope you follow me, and come along on this journey with me!

Tell me below if you feel me on anything! Lol

Thanks for Reading!

~ Amber

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  1. Love colorful hair! I’m a bit of an addict myself!

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