Autumn 2017 Aesthetic Board

    Autumn is slowly creeping up here in Maryland. The leaves are starting to change and fall to ground. Leaving the trees barren for their winter’s rest. The days are getting shorter, darkness calling us much earlier now. While the weather can’t seem to decide between the warm summer days and cool Autumn nights. … Read More

August 2017 Recap!

I’m not quite sure where August went – I guess the same place as July. Just the last fleeting months of summer. The last couple weeks of freedom before you’re snagged in another school year. Before the cool breezes start to set in, the leaves changing, letting you know that the cold season is on … Read More

Sun Shower

100 Word Story   I sighed as we drove, all I could do was stare out the window. I was trying to soak it all in. The last views of the town I’d always known. This was it. It was actually happening – I was moving for college. I was moving farther away than I … Read More

College Essentials!

Going to college is a lot different than high school. High school you have six folders, four binders, and a two textbooks that you have to carry with you everyday. But in college you may need one textbook for one class, but just a spiral for another. And you don’t have class everyday, which is … Read More

After School Date Ideas!

I’m so sorry! I’m so late with this. I worked yesterday, and forgot to write ahead! Dating and going to school is hard. It gets harder when you’re in college and working, not seeing each other everyday in the hall. Maybe you don’t ride the bus together anymore. But you figure it out, find a … Read More

School Morning Playlist!

School mornings are some of the slowest. Sometimes you just don’t want to go. Sometimes, you don’t have your homework done. Some days it’s just miserable outside and you don’t want to drive. But you know you have to anyway. I have a lot of those mornings. On those days, nothing gets me motivated like … Read More

We’re Live!

I was going to try and save this, but I just couldn’t! I’m so excited and wanted to share it with you all right away! Over on Facebook and Twitter, I gave out a link to my new website. So maybe you’ve seen today’s progress. If you haven’t – it’s done! – ish. Okay, so … Read More


Hello everyone! I know, I’ve been a little quiet on here. I know there was no video yesterday, but I promise one nest week! Anyway, I have exciting news! I’m going to be switching to a self-hosted blog! I’ve been feeling a little bleh about the blog lately. I read that you can max out … Read More


For those of you who just see the title, and think I’m advocating for kids not to go to school. – That is very far from what I’m here for. With this being school month here on the blog, I thought I’d share a video I found a while ago. I think this is a … Read More


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